The holidays are upon us. Most of us will be spending it with family, but for Rob Scallon, he's somehow found himself in hell and could use some help from you to escape. The YouTube sensation's latest video challenge is video game inspired, with viewers having an interactive capability in how Scallon's fate plays out.

In the clip above, Scallon is in his studio teasing another video when a demon grabs him, sending him to the fiery and barren pits of hell. As Rob begins to realize what's going on, he's visited by the head of Supermetal Records who gives him the option of ways how to get back to Earth, but it's you who ultimately has the final decision. Choose wisely.

Being that Rob is well-versed in guitar, it's probably a good thing that his ability on stringed instruments will help decide his fate, but should you start with a harp or a guitar? We've seen him play just about every type of stringed instrument throughout the last few years. It's a shame the shovel is not an option. And let us not discount the playing abilities of the horned demon, who is ready to take Rob's blood should he choose poorly.

It's a fun game, win or lose (though Rob would prefer you win, we're sure of that). Start your adventure now by clicking play on the video above and help Rob Scallon escape hell this holiday season. And check out more of Rob's YouTube work at his channel here.

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