The first Rob Scallon video we ever shared on Loudwire was the YouTube sensation shredding metal in inappropriate places. In the years since that 2014 post, Scallon has become a favorite amongst the staff and readers for his unique and interesting takes on hard rock and metal. Scallon's latest video revisits the old "metal in inappropriate places" theme, but adds some new truly cringeworthy situations for anyone within listening distance.

If you think a wedding party should include a bride, a groom, the groomsmen and matrons of honor ... and the metal guitarist, then this video may not register with you, but Scallon definitely makes a case for the nuptials being "til death metal do us part." And in this world of bluetooth and driving laws, does it concern you in the slightest how Scallon interprets the idea of "hands free"?

Scallon and featured soloist Rabea Massaad just can't get enough metal, whether it be at a bowling lane, playing mini-golf, during yoga, kayaking on a quiet lake or dealing with the police officer who pulled over the vehicle for DWR (driving while rocking). Watch it all play out with hilarious results above.

For those interested, the song is titled "Jerome" off of The Scene Is Dead. For those who want to support Scallon's continued efforts, he's got a patreon account for donations and you can see some of his other works at his YouTube channel.

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