How many times have you been to Guitar Center and thought, "One day, I'll be able to afford that beautiful Gibson Les Paul"? YouTube favorite Rob Scallon knows that many musicians are working off a budget and for those living hand to mouth, he shows you that it is possible to still rock on even the cheapest of guitars.

In his latest video, Scallon eschews going to the big name guitar stores and instead finds himself shopping at Dollar Tree, where he picks up a pretty tiny guitar that costs $1. That's one whole dollar -- a guitar that costs less than a soft drink at most fast food establishments -- and yet, Scallon can rock that too.

Thank goodness the camera can zoom in otherwise you might miss the mastery as Scallon rocks this like three-stringer that sounds more like dental-floss picking than traditional melodic guitar sounds. Think the tiny size will deter Scallon somewhat? Think again, as he still headbangs and pulls off the Billy Zoom guitar stance while rocking this tiny instrument.

As with many of Scallon's videos, this one came about as part of a challenge to play a dollar store instrument. He was even gifted the dollar bill to go out and get the instrument and make it rock. "It is a nightmare to tune and a nightmare to play," says Scallon in a "making of" video below. "It seems that [the strings'] natural position is to be sharp and it wavers around a lot." Watch the video above.

Watch Rob Scallon Discussing the Playing of His $1 Guitar

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