Over the years, we've seen Rob Scallon turn just about everything he can think of into a metal instrument. Heck, even the shovel made for some interesting metal licks. His latest experiment finds him working with a three string Russian folk instrument known as the balalaika.

As you can see in the video above, the balalaika can come in handy in producing some Middle Eastern-sounding string arrangements, with the earlier part of the song that Scallon constructed highlighting a bit more of how it might normally be used. But about midway through the song, the pace picks up with Scallon turning the instrument into something he can full on headbang to. It's such a feverish pace at which he's playing, the musician appears out of breath by the end of the clip.

"It's a really interesting instrument for me and really unique in a few ways in that it's the size of a ukulele and looks like a battle axe ... and I actually put tape on one end because it kept jabbing into my arm," says Scallon. The guitarist tuned down the instrument a step and a half in order to create his metal jam. He goes into more about how the song came about in a video seen below.

For those interested, Scallon had also previously shot another video showcasing the instrument. It's definitely not metal, but showcases his playing as he reveals a song that's closer to the style of how the instrument is traditionally performed.

Scallon has become a YouTube sensation thanks to his unique approach to a variety of instruments. See more of his videos via his YouTube channel.

Rob Scallon Discusses the Creation of "Balalaika Metal"

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