Rob Scallon has risen up as one of the Internet's most awesome metal YouTubers. The man's videography is growing stronger by the week, and the conceptual mastery of Scallon has been nailed once again with 'Metal in Inappropriate Places.'

Joining the ranks of Eric 'Erock' Calderone and Andy Rehfeldt, Rob Scallon has caught on with metalheads worldwide, allowing the musician's clips to go viral on a regular basis. He most famously crushed Slayer's 'Raining Blood' on the banjo and 'War Ensemble' on the ukulele, so if you dig those clips, you'll want to see Scallon's latest offering.

Featuring Ryan 'Fluff' Bruce, who appeared in Scallon's 'Binary Metal' video, the duo sonically brutalize a library, the shower, a dentist's office, a children's playground and other wonderfully inappropriate areas.

Be sure to expose yourself to 'Metal in Inappropriate Places' and do your part by raising your horns in other inappropriate places of your choosing! And check out other Rob Scallon YouTube offerings at this location.