This video will cause you to drop your jaw and raise your horns. The ultimate cover of Slayer's 'War Ensemble' has been recorded and posted on YouTube. Even better, the monster track is pulverized by a man, Rob Scallon, wielding a ukulele.

Amongst Slayer fans, 'War Ensemble' is one of guitarist Jeff Hanneman's masterworks. Though frontman Tom Araya is credited with writing the track's lyrics with Hanneman, 'War Ensemble' will be eternally tied to the late shredder.

The phenomenal songwriting that is 'War Ensemble' is oddly punctuated by this ukelele performance. Scallon rips Hanneman's lightning-fast tremolo picking and riff changes beautifully, even nailing the song's various solos. That's right, this dude actually finger taps on a ukulele.

Check out this unbelievable performance in the video above!