Henry Derek Bonner, vocalist for Thrown Into Exile and the still-unnamed new band with former Megadeth members Chris Broderick and Shawn Drover, was involved in a serious car crash late Sunday night in Los Angeles.

According to a Facebook post by Thrown Into Exile guitarist Mario Rubio, Bonner was hit by a suspected drunk driver, which led his car to roll three times before coming to a stop. The incident happened on the heavily-traveled 101 Freeway in the San Fernando Valley just after Bonner had passed the 405 intersection.

Rubio states that Bonner emerged from the accident okay, but as a result of the incident the band has decided to call off their scheduled performance at The Viper Room in Los Angeles Monday night (Jan. 12) as a result.

"We never back down from shows, but given the situation it is for the best because we want to give you our best and nothing less onstage," says Rubio. "We will reschedule the show and make it up to you. Our apologies and please keep Henry in your thoughts. I will keep you in the loop as soon as I get updates." Check out the full Facebook post that includes a photo of Bonner's wrecked vehicle turned upside down below.


In addition to Thrown Into Exile and his new project with Broderick and Drover, Bonner came to fame as the frontman for Joey Jordison's Scar the Martyr project. Our best to Bonner as he shakes off the traumatic experience.

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