Several weeks ago, Megadeth fans were surprised when drummer Shawn Drover and guitarist Chris Broderick quit the legendary metal group within hours of each other. It was subsequently revealed that the pair had started a new band, with the singer reportedly being ex-Scar the Martyr vocalist Henry Derek Bonner.

Now, Drover has confirmed that Bonner is indeed the singer of their new band in an update in which he also offers new details on the progress of the group. In a statement [via], Drover reveals that he and Broderick have all the music written for their new album, and that Bonner has already contributed vocals to six of the tracks:

Happy Holidays, everybody!! It seems time for an update, don’t you think...

At this point I can reveal to you that Chris Broderick and myself have the “music" for our debut record written - Henry Bonner is our singer, who has sang on six songs in demo form at this point, to which its all sounding 100% HEAVY METAL. Some of the songs are very aggressive and fast, others are more “accessible” to the average heavy metal listener.

I don’t like to label everything into the 100 sub-genres of metal. To me, Accept is pure heavy metal, yet so is King Diamond and Gojira - do they sound the same?? NO, but they are all METAL!! Chris, Henry and myself are all fans of all kinds of heavy music, which is great, as we are not putting any musical parameters on what we are creating here, which is very liberating, I must say.

There is still a TON of great things going on that we cannot reveal at this point... Just know that we are all working hard to bring you the best heavy metal music we can. For the time being, I hope all of you have a great Holiday season.

As for Megadeth, frontman Dave Mustaine recently assured fans that they would be "very happy" knowing what's going on with the band right now. Meanwhile, Scar the Martyr, featuring former Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison, have not posted an update since April, at which time they had announced Bonner had left the group and that they were looking for a new singer.

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