The first episode of 'Loud Legacy' is about to impact your computer screens! We recently sat down with HIM frontman Ville Valo for a marathon interview covering the gothic crooner's entire life and career.

'Loud Legacy' is an exclusive 45-minute documentary that spans the life of Ville Valo, focusing heavily on HIM's discography. Valo will give you a personal look into his teenage years as he formed the first incarnation of HIM, originally playing a six-string bass. From his orange dreadlocks and job working at his father's sex shop, the HIM frontman begins with the six years that passed before HIM released their debut full-length, Greatest Love Songs: Vol. 666.

The journey gets more and more in-depth as we go through HIM's rise to fame with Razorblade Romance all the way to the band's most recent album, Tears on Tape.

Superfans, head over to your calendars and draw a heartagram under Feb. 25, because that's when we'll be posting the full 'Loud Legacy' documentary. Stay tuned and get ready for the most in-depth Ville Valo interview you'll find on the web!

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