For the last decade, Finland's Hooded Menace have served as one of the premiere death / doom bands, thriving on melody-draped, cavern-born riffs and the guttural belch of vocalist / guitarist Lasse Pyykkö, with the vocal duties handed over to Harri Kuokkanen in 2016. With a new album, Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed, on the gloomy horizon, the band has shared the contorted new track "In Eerie Deliverance."

The churn is on as Hooded Menace exhale, delivering aching, expansive drum fills to drive the crawling rhythms, inhaling with sinuous melodies that give "In Eerie Deliverance" a dramatic tug of war between beauty and brawn. When their distinct halves align in harmony, the Finnish outfit lurches forward with tunneling grooves anchored by a bed of double kicks, catching their breath over a dreary, minimalist focused mid-section featuring an echoey female vocal before the crumbling riffs return along with a bowel-threatening vocal roar.

Commenting on the single, Pyykkö stated, "Built of labyrinthine riffs and floating passages, 'In Eerie Deliverance' is sure to doom you into sweet oblivion. Thanks to Jemma McNulty (Coltsblood) for the female voice in the middle section. We owe you!"

Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed is set for a Jan. 26 release through Season of Mist and will mark the fifth studio offering from Hooded Menace since they debuted with Fulfill the Curse in 2008. It will be their first album released through Season of Mist, following up 2015's Darkness Drips Forth. Pre-orders are available now through the label's webstore with standard format options to choose from alongside various bundle selections.

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