Rock bands covering songs by other acts is not really out of the ordinary, but something that doesn't happen everyday is a pair of rock bands teaming up on a cover. That was the case recently for hard rocking outfits Hurt and Smile Empty Soul, who found themselves spending a November day in Michigan covering the Alice in Chains classic 'No Excuses.'

Radio station Banana 101.5 reports that a day prior to their performance at The Machine Shop in Flint, Mich., the two acts made their way to Rochester Hills' 37 Studios to lay down the track.

The Matt Dalton-produced cut found the two acts keeping in the primarily acoustic roots of the original, though they did add a few unique touches to make the song their own. In particular, the percussion on the track has a more upbeat and funky feel to it throughout.

Though official release plans have not been announced, Banana 101.5 reports that the song will be available for download at some point, with the proceeds likely tied to a charitable effort of some kind.

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