Ice Nine Kills guitarist Dan Sugarman said he is healthy and cancer free in a new update regarding his diagnosis with thyroid cancer.

Earlier this year, the Ice Nine Kills guitarist revealed that he had discovered a lump on his neck and would seek treatment for it while stepping away from touring with Ice Nine Kills. Interloper's Miles Dimitri Baker and Bad Wolves' Doc Coyle filled in for him on the road, as ThePRP reported.

Now, Sugarman has explained he underwent successful surgery to remove a mass. Along the way, he received an outpouring of support through his outlets for art, merch, music and more.

"With all of the orders that came through in support of my Thyroid Cancer discovery & recovery a few months ago," Sugarman says in the update, "we didn't have the personnel required to handle such volumes of orders! Update: don't worry, I had surgery and am 100% healthy and c-free!" (via MetalSucks)

Last month, Sugarman said of his supporters, "You directly helped me through the hardest and scariest thing I have ever gone through."

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Support Sugarman via, for cables, for guitars, for guitar lessons, Cameo for specialized messages ( and his music education site (

Below, watch Sugarman's video vlog from April. Catch Ice Nine Kills on tour at these locations. Loudwire sends the best to Sugarman and his family.

Dan Sugarman April 2023 Video

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