There goes the neighborhood… Body Count frontman and rap icon Ice-T gave us one of the greatest 'Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?' segments we've ever filmed. We've already given you Part 1 of our signature series, and now, we proudly deliver the second half.

In Part 2, Ice-T goes into the beginnings of Body Count, the connection he sees between rap, punk and country western music, the death of drummer Beatmaster V, government outrage directed at Body Count's 'Cop Killer' and much more. Believe us, if you want to know what Ice-T really thinks about PMRC co-founder Tipper Gore, you'll want to check out the musician's brutal honesty in this clip.

Enjoy Part 2 of our 'Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?' segment with Ice-T above! To grab a copy of Body Count's new album 'Manslaughter,' click here.

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