In a unique backstage look at one of metal's most dominant bands, Iced Earth founder Jon Schaffer recently recorded a video tour of his road gear. Schaffer goes into precise detail about his collection of guitars, amps and even his choice in guitar picks.

Posted on their official YouTube page, the band promises that, "even if you're not a gearhead, you'll enjoy this peek behind the scenes." In the nine-minute video, Schaffer shows his various Gibson axes and discusses which guitars he uses for different songs including his custom Explorer and various Les Pauls.

"I've got a whole stable of different guitars," stated Schaffer. "But when it comes down to the signature Iced Earth sound, Gibson guitars are the only guitars that really respond as quickly and with the low-end thump that I require for my playing."

Schaffer also shares the scoop on his custom-built Larry active amplifier head, whose amps Schaffer has been using since around the 'Burnt Offerings' era nearly 20 years ago.

Schaffer and his guitar tech finish off the video by talking about the guitarist's preference of D'Addario strings and using triangle-shaped picks designed for the thicker strings of a bass rather than a guitar.

Iced Earth released their tenth album 'Dystopia' in 2011, receiving some of the best reviews of their career. The band are set to tour the world once again early this year - kicking it off in Hartford, Ct. on Jan. 31.

Watch Jon Schaffer's Backstage Tour of His Gear