Last week, British rockers Idles released a new music video for their song "Grace" that is solely an AI-generated "deepfake" version of Coldplay's music video for their 2000 hit "Yellow."

But maybe more bizarre than the video itself is that it's apparently made some fans upset.

Are they mad at the use of artificial intelligence in retrofitting the Coldplay clip, or more unsettled that Idles continue to lean away from the punk sound that ignited their career — "Grace" is a subdued, slow-burning song, unlike their past work.

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Down toward the bottom of this page, watch the "Grace" video, where it appears Coldplay's Chris Martin is singing the Idles song.

Idles' Coldplay Video Discussion

In a post that seemingly drove the conversation on X (formerly Twitter), @toothwaves quoted Idles' clip, adding, "Really disappointing to see bands I used to love that consider themselves 'punk' use AI. This shit is the complete opposite of everything punk stands for. they should be ashamed."

Several replies echoed that sentiment.

Others pushed back. "tired of seeing posts about whether IDLES are punk," @ThomasMerzlak said, "the most important thing is that they’re a great live band and I like some of their songs."

User @BATH0RYACID said, "ppl [sic] losing their minds over that Idles deepfake [music video] is so funny. When its very obvious that [it's] supposed to be a conspicuous tongue in cheek thing. Unfunny but clearly not a case of art theft. Unless of course you think the vague concept of AI is inherently evil. As many do."

"This whole trend of artists (Mannequin Pussy, Brian Eno, IDLES, etc) using AI and trying to be like 'but LOOK, when *I* do it I’m using it as a CREATIVE TOOL' just completely misses the point that it further normalizes AI, regardless of whet [sic] they individually are using it for," @bugheaven_ said.

What do you think? See more fan reactions under the music videos for both songs.

Idles, "Grace" (Music Video)

Coldplay, "Yellow" (Music Video)

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