Everyone's a critic! That's what they say, and no one knows that better than rock and metal bands who continually reap praise or face criticism depending on how they evolve or stay true to a certain sound over time. Recently, the members of In Flames dropped by out studio and spoke about how they deal with the backlash over the change in their musical direction over the years.

In the video above, guitarist Bjorn Gelotte states, "There's no way you can please everybody. There's no way you can listen to everybody. The only thing we for certain know is what we like, the five of us in the band."

Meanwhile frontman Anders Friden adds, "We cannot listen to 1,000 people because that would be an extremely confusing song. We are the ones that will live with this album forever, so we have to be happy with what we've done."

The band members go on to discuss how things have changed since they first started in music and the expectations that are put upon certain bands in the genre. But above all, the band's biggest critic needs to be themselves.

In Flames' Siren Charms album is out now. You can pick it up at Amazon and iTunes. And look for the band playing songs from the disc on tour this spring. Dates can be found here. For more on the band's Siren Charms disc, check out the video interview below.

In Flames Discuss their Siren Charms Album