Get ready for more heavy metal on the high seas -- 70,000 tons to be exact. This January, 40 hard-hitting metal bands, including Lacuna Coil and In Flames, and a literal boatload of fans will set sail in the Caribbean for the third edition of the 70,000 Tons of Metal festival.

If you love cruise ships and metal festivals, those two very different worlds will collide at sea this January. The 70,000 Tons of Metal fest has just announced the first 10 bands confirmed for the nautical adventure, which include Lacuna Coil, In Flames, Nile, Doro, Sabaton, Subway to Sally, Helstar, Immolation, Anacrusis and Die Apokalyptischen Reiter.

For the very metal price of $666 dollars, fans can get aboard the five day, four night voyage that sets sail from Miami, Fla., and travels through the Caribbean aboard the 'Majesty of the High Seas.' The trip features a total of two days at sea and an entire day of fun on a Caribbean island, as well as all the head-banging and circle pit action you can handle. The website for the fest even boasts about its removal of seating for the shows, sarcastically asking, "do you like seated Heavy Metal shows?"

Previous incarnations of the floating metal fest  have included heavyweights like Children of Bodom, Cannibal Corpse, Exodus, Testament and Iced Earth. The current lineup is just the first wave of announced acts, but already looks very promising. Even the passengers can perform during the ship's open mic night and metal karaoke sessions.

The 70,000 Tons of Metal festival will shove off Jan. 28, 2013 and return to port on Feb. 3. If that seems like a long time to wait, you could always pass the time by watching the countdown clock provided on the festival's website.