The time has come for a new In Flames album and Loudwire is proud to bring you the exclusive North American stream for the band's eleventh studio set, 'Siren Charms.'

Fans of the band have likely already checked out the single 'Rusted Nail' and the recently released 'Through Oblivion,' as well as their corresponding videos, but you can now listen to 'Siren Charms' in full by checking out the album stream below.

The band recorded the album at the legendary Hansa Studio in Berlin, Germany, where acts such as David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Depeche Mode, the Pixies, U2 and R.E.M. have recorded prior.

In a recent album preview video, guitarist Niclas Engelin stated, "“Hansa Studios was like 100 meters from The Wall, where The Wall was. You could feel the vibe from it -- a little bit dark era vibe and I think that was something that we brought into the actual recording as well.”

Frontman Anders Friden recently told Full Metal Jackie of the album, "I feel this is where we are today, and we always try to bring everything that we have done with us, but at the same time we want to take our songs further and wider and forward and we never look to the past and said, 'Oh this is wrong, now it should be this and or that.' I feel we have everything right now where we are, as people, you know? So, I guess it represents the five members right now in the life, where we are."

If you like what you hear, In Flames' 'Siren Charms' will be in stores Sept. 9. You can pre-order the disc at both Amazon and iTunes.

In Flames, 'Siren Charms' (Exclusive North American Album Stream)

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