Swedish band In Flames are unleashing a new single, ‘Where the Dead Ships Dwell,’ off their 10th studio album ‘Sounds of a Playground Fading.’

Frontman Anders Friden shows off his vocal skills by belting out gutteral growls along with raspy and melodic singing. Friden proves that he is no one trick pony with his voice, as he sings with force without losing the harmonious quality of the song.

The track is bound to get stuck in your head with heavy riffs and a very catchy chorus, as Friden sings “Feel I was running an endless mile / Last candle burns / And I'm dying inside / All of this will turn to ash / A change for a piece of mind.

With a serious shredding guitar solo and an infectious, spiraling synthesizing pattern, it’s difficult to deny the likability of this track. The simple yet poetic lyrics of the verses are also what make this tune captivating: “Walking where the dead ships dwell / These are shores I left behind / Streets were getting smaller / And I have to leave.

Fans just may get to hear In Flames play ‘Where the Dead Ships Dwell’ live as they gear up for their 2012 tour with Trivium, Veil of Maya and King.

Listen to In Flames, ‘Where the Dead Ships Dwell’