Incantation have done it! With three wins already in the bag, the Pennsylvania death metal veterans edged out the legendary Suffocation to earn their fourth victory and enter our Death Match Hall of Fame!

Carcass was the first band to be bested by Incantation, who left the British extreme metal icons sliced and diced. Incantation then travelled to Italy to destroy Fleshgod Apocalypse before bringing the pain to Sweden for a battle against Grave.

Incantation's 'Invoked Infinity' is easily one of this year's most brutal and well-written tracks, and the song has now been declared immortal in our Death Match Hall of Fame. Additionally, 'Invoked Infinity' will now receive heavy rotation on Loudwire Metal Radio.

Congratulations to Incantation and their rabid fans. Now bang your head to 'Invoked Infinity' below!

Incantation, 'Invoked Infinity'

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