We’ve got an awesome new track to share from INVSN’s upcoming Forever Rejected EP. Featuring Refused frontman Dennis Lyxzen on vocals, INVSN’s “A Minute of Magick” is a post-punk conjuring with industrial undertones… and it’s very worth your time.

Though clocking in at a conservative three-and-a-half minutes, the track has a lot going on, with various shifts unveiling new wave and Refused-esque hardcore dynamics as well. You’ll hear Lyxzen’s (International) Noise Conspiracy bandmate Sarah Almgren on “A Minute of Magick,” with the male / female call and response vocal patterns giving the track an added catchiness.

“In a world where we are more and more alienated music becomes a force that penetrates through the mundane. ‘A Minute of Magick’ is a song about the power of liberation and salvation that it can give,” says Lyxzen. “A percussive piece filled with the propulsion of life itself. Or maybe just another song, and therein lies the magick of it all.”

“The world is a really fucked up place right now so there is loads of stuff to make right,” Almgren says about Forever Rejected. “Music has always been a way of fighting back for me.”

Take a listen to INVSN’s “A Minute of Magick” in the Soundcloud player below. The Forever Rejected EP will see a March 16 release, so click here to pre-order the record.

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