When you're Bruce Dickinson, only a few vocalists can stand shoulder to shoulder with you at the highest echelon of godlike performers. Iron Maiden's "Air Raid Siren" may be one of the greatest of all time, but Bruce still has his own vocal heroes, and the man spoke about the select few in this exclusive interview!

The first name Bruce brought up was the immortal Ronnie James Dio. At age 16, Bruce grabbed a copy of Rainbow's Rising album and was blown away by the vocal abilities of Dio. "Who is this guy?! Oh my God!" Bruce recalls thinking.

Among others, Bruce also praises Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant, more specifically for the band's earlier works and performances. In this exclusive clip, you'll hear Bruce call Robert Plant "astonishing" and "primal" while reminiscing about his favorite Zeppelin memories.

Check out Bruce Dickinson praising these vocalists and more in the video above! Also, be sure to grab a copy of Iron Maiden's newest masterful album, The Book of Souls.

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