Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson has been piloting custom 'Ed Force One' Maiden airplanes on the band's world tours since 2008. This year saw the biggest upgrade to their custom travels as they utilized a Boeing 747-400 jumbo jet to carry not only the band, but all of their equipment and the crew with a maximum takeoff weight of 391 tons. With the plane decommissioned for now, the band has released a retrospective video focusing on their massive aircraft.

In the video above, fans are treated to clips of Dickinson in the cockpit as they traverse the globe in support of The Book of Souls. There's even footage of the frontman making an announcement from the cockpit thanking Anthrax for being on the South American leg of the tour. Shots of reactions from fans on social media are spliced into the footage, showing Ed Force One on the runway and in the skies with mascot Eddie's menacing mug emblazoned on the tail.

"This is stupendous," began Dickinson. "I mean, it's the ultimate. I'm not sure how we can top this, certainly with an airplane. This airplane painted up like this — it's incredible. The airplane has the nickname, the [Boeing] 747, The Queen of the Skies, and she really is. In this guise with everything on it and the "Maiden" all down the side of it, it just blows the doors off every other airplane on the planet. Honestly, if you wanted me to swap for Air Force One, I wouldn't do it," the singer beamed.

Iron Maiden will be wrapping up their world tour on Aug. 4 with a headlining set at the Wacken Open Air festival. Fans around the globe will have a chance to witness the performance as it will be streaming live everywhere live as Eddie and the Boys storm the German festival stage.

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