This YouTube classic has been around since 2007, but it's getting some fresh eyes on it after being shared by Iron Maiden online. Sure, we've all been amused over the years by the fart-like noise that's made when we press the air between our palms, but Gerry Phillips has gone and made it an art form with this impressive rendition of 'The Trooper.'

Phillips has the song rocking in the background as he amazingly plays along with his hands. He states in the description for the video, "I have been playing songs on my hands for 38 years! This was extremely painful to do! I had a fire extinguisher next to me in case my hands set on fire!"

The video has amassed over 3.3 million views since it's posting in 2007 and is likely to climb thanks to a recent tweet posted by Iron Maiden:

Watch and enjoy Gerry Phillips' intricate mastery and marvel at how he's able to hit those high notes. Check out some of his other classics here.

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