Primal Rock Rebellion, the brand new side project of Iron Maiden guitarist Adrian Smith, have just released their first music video. Along with Sikth frontman Mikee Goodman, PRR are set to drop their debut album 'Awoken Broken' on Feb. 27.

As one of the guitarists for Iron Maiden, Adrian Smith has accomplished every goal a musician could ever dream of, but in this new project, Smith found a newfound sense of revitalization.

"It was great working at my own pace and in my own studio with no time constraints," says Smith. "I think during the making of this album I went around the world twice with Maiden, working on the project in between. In the process, it allowed for a bit more of an experimental approach."

Goodman has also found unique inspiration through the project. "Adrian inspired me in many ways," Goodman explains. "I learnt the importance and the power of choruses in songs. Adrian also gave me a lot more belief in myself melodically. I think we pulled each other out of our comfort zones, creating something fresh and exciting along the way. We co-produced the album together, and the whole recording process was very relaxed — no deadlines, just honing the songs naturally as we recorded them, a new experience for both of us."

Primal Rock Rebellion's new video depicts a dichotomy of various scenes such as flowery meadows and cavernous mazes reminiscent of the horror film 'The Decent.' The seamless transition between realities complements the track and adds a unique layer of discomfort to the song.

Watch Primal Rock Rebellion's 'No Place Like Home' Video