A few days ago, Iron Maiden teased metalheads worldwide on their official website with the promise of an important announcement for Monday, Jan. 2 at 9PM GMT (4PM EST). We can now officially report the news that Iron Maiden guitarist Adrian Smith has released the new track 'I See Lights' with his side project Primal Rock Rebellion.

Iron Maiden made a bit of a game out of the good news. The heavy metal legends posted that the announcement would be "something of primal interest to all Maiden fans." Some Maiden fans had successfully deciphered the code from the band's strategic placement of the word "primal," but most were anxiously awaiting today's announcement from the band, even crashing the site for a few moments. Maiden also narrowed things down on their Twitter account, saying, "It's not a tour announcement and it's not a DVD announcement either. It will be something brought to you by the letter H."

The newest version of Primal Rock Rebellion features Smith and former SikTh frontman Mikee Goodman with a handful of session musicians contributing to the forthcoming album include Abi Fry of Bat For Lashes and original SikTh member Dan 'Lord' Foord. Smith plays bass and all the songs were co-written by Adrian and Mikee.

'I See Lights' is the first song ever released by Primal Rock Rebellion and takes a dark and dissonant turn into groove/sludge metal territory. Smith's guitar work is very identifiable within the song, his roots within his Iron Maiden style can be found creeping into the new project.

Smith had this to say about the collaboration, "It was interesting doing this album with Mikee not least because we have quite different influences. I was really pleased with the way it turned out. It has a really fresh feel to it."

Mikee weighed in too, saying, "This album takes you on a really deep and colorful journey, lyrically and musically. Adrian and I were both very open to experimenting with each others' musical styles and influences, which we feel created something new and exciting."

Primal Rock Rebellion's first ever release will be officially unleashed on Feb. 27 through Spinefarm Records.

Listen to 'I See Lights' by Primal Rock Rebellion