When you go down the list of Iron Maiden classics, “El Dorado” may not immediately come to mind, yet the track won the veteran metal outfit a Grammy back in 2011. Reflecting on their victory, bassist Steve Harris admits he feels the win was more due to legacy than the strength of the song.

Speaking with the Miami New Times, the bassist stated, “To be honest with you, I think we ended up getting it for a song which I thought was not one of our best ones. I didn’t think we really deserved it for that one but maybe one of the others. So it was a bit off, really.”

That year, “El Dorado” was up against Korn’s “Let the Guilt Go,” Lamb of God’s “In Your Words,” Megadeth’s “Sudden Death” and Slayer’s “World Painted Blood.” Harris went on to state that some of the band’s other nominations, like “Blood Brothers,” “Fear of the Dark” and “The Wicker Man,” may have been more deserving of the honor.

While there has been much criticism of the Grammy’s Best Metal Performance category over the years, there have been steps taken by the Recording Academy in recent years to ensure a more representative view of the genre through the nominations.

While it was great to be recognized, the real prize for the band is the longevity of their career. Harris says, “When we started off, we weren’t even thinking of being a global band. We just ended up becoming that. That wasn’t the goal to start with. You just try different things, and here we are.”

The group will resume their “Legacy of the Beast” tour July 18 in Sunrise, Florida. See all of their upcoming dates here.

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