The shadow of the Lego Man is rising up again! Everyone loves Lego, and if you're on this website right now, chances are you love Iron Maiden. Lucky for us all, two of the best things ever have been put together for an awesome YouTube clip.

There have been a few Iron Maiden meets Lego videos which have captured our attention in the past, but this may be our favorite. Iron Maiden's 2002 record, 'Rock in Rio,' is one of the greatest live albums of all time, kicking off with 'The Wicker Man.' One YouTuber took the explosive track to create 'Rock in Lego,' a video any Maiden fan can appreciate.

The best part of this clip is that the personalities of all six Iron Maiden members are captured very realistically. If you've ever seen Iron Maiden live, you'll know that the band's entrance is one of the show's most thrilling moments. Guitarist Adrian Smith is spotlit playing the song's opening riff while quick cuts to drummer Nicko McBrain are added in. Right on cue, Steve Harris, Dave Murray and Janick Gers rush the stage before vocalist Bruce Dickinson makes his signature jump over his feedback monitors.

If you want to see how close the real-life and Lego performances are, watch the Lego version side-by-side with the original live video.

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