Iron Maiden have become so much more than just a band over their career. The group has become a brand known for their consistent high quality output in just about anything they do, and now they can check off having their own premium beer.

Their albums speak for themselves and their DVDs are about as inclusive as it gets, especially when it comes to chronicling eras of the band. All members of the band perform at a high level onstage, which is why Iron Maiden still sell out stadiums in record-setting times around the globe. Frontman (among numerous other titles) Bruce Dickinson has been keeping himself busy enough with forays into countless other areas besides just singing for one of the world’s best bands.

Most recently, Bruce decided to dabble in the process of brewing beer, which is a hobby that is rapidly on the rise for many. However, this is not just a hobby as the high-flying (in the air and on stage) frontman has teamed up with Robinsons Brewery to craft a premium ale, which was given the honorary title of ‘Trooper.’

When poured from the bottle, Trooper reveals its copper color and is topped with a respectable white-foamed head that subsides to a thin layer shortly after pouring. This tin layer is enough to leave a lacey patching of the glass as it is consumed. The nose is of lemon, a hint of caramel, and a bit of an earthy sense.

Upon the initial taste, the lemon is definitely present, which soon gives way to the earthy elements from the nose, most noticeably tea. The low carbonation makes for a thin mouth feel and a smooth finish, leaving behind notes of citrus and bread. Subsequent rounds open up a bit of depth to this ale, with the traces of caramel becoming more present after being discovered behind the more standout elements of the citrus and tea.

Overall, Trooper is a bit more of a delicate beer than a full-bodied, rich, and explosive beer Iron Maiden fans might expect from something bearing the name ‘Trooper.’ This is in no way a discredit to the ale, which has surpassed expectations when one considers the potential gimmick of a band with their own beer. As usual, Iron Maiden have kept their promise of delivering nothing but high quality and Bruce Dickinson can cross yet another thing off his list that he has mastered.

You drink my beer, but I’ll drink yours, too!

4 Stars