Iron Maiden have just released the first tease of their upcoming 'En Vivo!' concert DVD. Taken from their April 2011 show in Santiago, Chile, the band performed 'Blood Brothers' from their 'Brave New World' album in front of over 50,000 screaming fans.

Coming off the heels of the massive 'Flight 666' documentary, Iron Maiden will release 'En Vivo!' on March 27. The upcoming Blu-Ray / DVD boasts the high production value and riveting visuals that helped make 'Flight 666' such a success. Iron Maiden is one of the best live bands on the planet, and this performance of 'Blood Brothers' is as close to the Maiden experience you can have outside of a stadium.

'Blood Brothers' is a heart-wrenching song written about the death of bassist Steve Harris' father. Watch Harris closely in this live clip. The bassist puts his entire heart into the track evident by the intensity in Harris' backing vocals. As if that isn't depressing enough, Iron Maiden used 'Blood Brothers' in tribute to Ronnie James Dio shortly after his passing from cancer.

Check out Iron Maiden's epic performance of 'Blood Brothers' and look out for 'En Vivo!' in stores on March 27.

Watch Iron Maiden Perform 'Blood Brothers'