How many songs has each member of Iron Maiden written?

Notoriously collaborative, Iron Maiden have been blessed with some seriously talented songwriters, capable of delivering individually and in team processes. And it should be no surprise that the albums that boast heaps of collective efforts are among their best — there's also a couple records that were almost entirely written by founding bassist Steve Harris, so let's give the man his due there as well!

Every fan has their favorite elements that each songwriter brings to the table — Harris is known for his epics, Bruce Dickinson and Adrian Smith are a hit-making team and Janick Gers has contributed a lot more than he gets credit for, damnit!

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One of the most thrilling parts of a new Iron Maiden album is seeing the songwriting credits next to each new title, helping to further the imagination of anticipating fans everywhere.

So, let's see which members have the most and least writing credits and check out how many credits they have on each album too!

How Many Songs Each Iron Maiden Member Has Written

Here's a breakdown of Iron Maiden's song-writing credits.

Gallery Credit: Joe DiVita

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Over 200 songs! Listen/follow here.

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Iron Maiden's undead mascot Eddie, as seen on single and album art throughout the band's 40-plus year history.

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