Move over Gary Cherone and Nuno Bettencourt, you've got some company. Extreme reached new heights back in the spring of 1991 with their rock ballad "More Than Words" and the laid back, black-and-white filmed studio hang video for the track. Now, Jack Black and Jimmy Fallon have recreated that famous clip for The Tonight Show viewers.

Watch as Black, wearing a similar white shirt and sporting long flowing dark locks just like Cherone, delivers the vocals for the song while Fallon, mirroring the same look as Bettencourt right down to the same print of shirt and hair style, strums along.

It's a pretty faithful recreation, straight down to the opening shot of the amps, the scenes where the other members thumb through pages of a magazine or raise a lighter in support of the performance and even the shots and angles captured by the cameras. The primary difference would be the demonstrative Black, who adds in a few of his own facial and hand gestures that are unique to him.

Up until "More Than Words," the hard rocking Extreme had struggled to find their footing. Their second album, Pornograffitti, was released in August of 1990 to little fanfare and their first two singles -- "Decadence Dance" and "Get the Funk Out" -- enjoyed modest returns before "More Than Words" skyrocketed the band to the top of the charts.

With the track generating fresh interest in the band, the Pornograffitti album jumped to No. 10 on the Billboard Album Chart and the follow-up single "Hole Hearted" and a re-released version of "Get the Funk Out" made more of a dent on the rock charts. Watch the original "More Than Words" video below.

Extreme split in 1996, with Cherone going on to join Van Halen, but the band reunited in 2004 and eventually released a new album in 2008 with Saudades de Rock.

Extreme, "More Than Words"

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