Metallica frontman James Hetfield sure loves to say, "Yeah!" Both beloved and playfully lampooned for his legendary use of the affirmative, James Hetfield and his "Yeah's" have been immortalized by a diligent audio technician, who has compiled every single "Yeah!" from Hetfield's recorded history into a hilarious three-minute-and-sixteen-second montage.

How many "Yeah's" would you guess Hetfield has put to tape? 100? 500? Thousands? We're too overwhelmed to count, but thanks to Kevin Conklin from 93.7 KCLB Rocks!, you can now count for yourself if you dare to take on the daunting task. Completely cumulative, the Hetfield "Yeah!" tribute goes all the way back to Metallica's debut disc, 'Kill 'Em All,' to their latest EP, 'Beyond Magnetic.'

Already having racked up a number of plays in the six-figures, a wave of hilarious comments have been left in the SoundCloud player, including, "Anyone got lyrics for this? Googled everywhere," "That was a great 'yeah!'" and 'James Yeahfield rules!"

Check out the James Hetfield 'Yeah!' compilation in the player below, and to anyone brave enough to successfully count the number of "Yeah's" in the song, you have our upmost respect.

Every James Hetfield "Yeah!" Ever

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