Young rockers Aaralyn and Izzy from Murp have garnered the attention of Jane's Addiction's Dave Navarro, who recently commented on Twitter about their cover of 'Mountain Song.' For those not in the know, Murp are definitely being raised to love metal, as evidenced by three years' worth of YouTube clips. And there's no doubt that the singer and drummer definitely "metal up" this Jane's classic.

Navarro was shown a version of the newly posted 'Mountain Song' via a fan on Twitter with the comment, "A precious 7-year-old 'Mountain Song' (Jane's Addiction Cover)," to which the guitarist responded, "So much heavier!" Aaralyn definitely is in full dark metal voice while Izzy just unleashes the fury on drums. The duo have numerous clips on YouTube, but this is not their first take on Jane's. They previously offered a much less metal performance of 'Jane Says.' Check out their YouTube channel here.

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