Sometimes reunions work and sometimes they don't. In Jane's Addiction's case, their second time working with bassist Eric Avery, who was initially the first original member to leave the band, just didn't pan out.

Singer Perry Farrell says that having taken advantage of several opportunities to reunite only to split again after the 'Strays' album, it took some convincing to give another run at the band a try. He tells though that guitarist Dave Navarro and drummer Stephen Perkins, who had been with the band in each of its incarnations, were not really hard sells though, but bringing Avery back into the fold was a little more difficult.

He recalls, "It was a bit of a selling job, but not much. Three were very keen [to reunite]. The bass player wanted to do festivals only and cash in. I was of a different opinion. I say, you need currency or you become a retro act. In my opinion, retro acts recede. You have to be continually planting seeds and getting new crops. You can't rest on the seeds you planted 25 years ago. They start to diminish."

Farrell says that while there were a few bumps in the road before eventually bringing 'Strays' bassist Chris Chaney back to play, he's happy about 'The Great Escape Artist' album and thrilled to be touring again.

He adds, “We got to do this tour the old-fashioned way. Get out for the people and travel. Be a troubadour. That’s the life of a musician. The recording industry brought so much money and fame that it changed the life of a musician for a while. Now it’s back to the times when a musician was a traveling minstrel, when the job was to make parties special occasions. Today, that’s what you’re looking at. That’s the job detail. For Jane’s Addiction, that’s been our strong suit.”

Farrell recently stated that Jane's Addiction looks like it's going to stick this time, with plans to address a new record later this year after their touring winds down.

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