Look out! There is some booooooooooming bass on Jane's Addiction's latest single, 'Underground,' which opens the band's new album, 'The Great Escape Artist.'

The song's heavy artillery opening salvo, which is earmarked by a bass thud, reminds us a little bit of U2's 'Bullet the Blue Sky.' Go ahead, click below to listen. We'll wait. It's a brief moment, but it made us think twice, and notice the slight similarity.

That said, 'Underground' is one of the heavier cuts on 'The Great Escape Artist,' as the song weaves through a thicket of knotted percussion, semi-distorted vocals and that booming bass. There's not much of Dave Navarro's riffery until about two minutes in, when he lets 'er rip! But for the most part, the song is a sweeping, gnarly number. It's proof that you don't always need to fully rely on a guitar to create hard rock!

Perry Farrell's distinct voice coos about never giving up on the underground over and over, lacing the song with a somewhat anthemic feel. There's also plenty of that Jane's-patented ambience and atmosphere. Anything less would be uncivilized and un-Jane's-like. They built their alt-rock rep on this style and they've still got it after all these years (and breaks!)

We're impressed that Farrell, Navaro and company could pack so many layers and nuances into the condensed space of three minutes. It's a song that's full of so much chaos, and we like when Jane's gets down to the nitty, gritty like this.

Listen to Jane's Addiction, 'Underground'