'I am a hustler,' Perry Farrell sings in the new Jane's Addiction single, 'Undeground,' and wouldn't you know that a hustler like Perry wouldn't quite be content with the "censored" version of the video they recently unveiled for the song. Not quite wild enough, he might say. Thus Jane's are pointing you in the direction of the "explicit" version of the the clip, which has debuted over at the NSFW Internet home of Playboy magazine.

"The sexier, explicit video for 'Underground' premieres today on Playboy.com," reads a post on the band's website. " It contains shots that are NSFYT (Not Safe For YouTube). This is the cut Jane's Addiction wants you to see."

And it's the version you want to see, too. While both play out in the same vice-ridden underbelly of a steamy speakeasy or an after-hours cabaret full of -- as we put it before -- "hot, hot women in dressed in little more than fishnets, garter belts and heels," it's the second version that shows just a bit more vice, a bit more underbelly, a bit more exotic, and a bit less fishnets, garter belts and heels. Plus, it's what Perry wants you to see, and Perry usually get what Perry wants.

Meanwhile, Playboy has launched a Harley Rocks Your Block contest that will have Jane's Addiction themselves come to the winner's house and rock a private party, complete with Playboy Playmates and ... well, ain't that enough? Get the details here.

Watch the "Explicit" Version of the 'Underground' Video