Nitesoil, a slamming new death metal band that made their debut in 2020, will release the Abusement Park EP on Nov. 16 and 100 percent of the proceeds will benefit the Cancer Research Institute. Spearheaded by Metal Injection's Frank Godla and guitarist Nick Emde, Nitesoil grouped together some of the drummer's closest friends and on "Odio," he welcomed Orange Is the New Black star and Alekhine's Gun and Brujeria vocalist, Jessica Pimentel.

The Abusement Park standout is two and a half minutes of crazed, pulse-pounding death metal with a chest-caving production courtesy of Fit For an Autopsy's Will Putney. Pimentel embodies any and all possible rage that could be redirected at 2020 on the whole with a deranged performance that captures her range of deep, guttural roars and soul-eviscerating mid-range barks.

Listen to "Odio" toward the bottom of the page.

"Nitesoil really started as a joke band, a pile of sick riffs in a folder titled 'Slammy Sosa' after a night of drinks talking about the death metal bands we love," said Godla of the project's impetus. Emde's move to the west coast combined with Godla's own busy schedule meant work would continue through file sharing. Once the songs were finished, Godla reined in a different vocalist for each track.

"The sort of thing you'd see in hip-hop, but not," mused Godla. "We couldn't be happier to have such talented people involved, down to Will Putney mixing and mastering this bad boy!"

On a more somber note, Godla also detailed the inspiration behind Nitesoil's charitable aim. "This is a hard one for me personally, but my father passed away just a couple months ago in my arms from pancreatic cancer. The entire experience from his diagnosis to death was the most life-shattering experience I've ever been through, and I'm still trying my best to find the strength to go on everyday," said the drummer.

He continued, "Cancer is something that affects nearly every family in the world, including ours. It doesn't discriminate whether you're rich, poor, famous or not, it's something you tend to think won't happen to you until it does. We chose to support the Cancer Research Institute because they're a great non-profit that works with all types of cancer. The list is growing, it's deadly, and it's fucking terrifying."

Sharing a common bond over music, Godla added, "My dad was the metalhead who got me into this world. Without him none of this would be possible for me, and this EP was the last piece of music he heard with me on it. I'm happy to say he really dug it, although he still preferred Slayer."

Pimentel, who also released a new song earlier this year with Alekhine's Gun, was particularly inspired for what became "Odio."

"I once heard a story of a young little girl who used to sneak into her newborn little brother's room at night and tearfully would whisper to him him, 'Can you please tell me what God looks like? I'm starting to forget.' That story haunted me for years, it reminds me of that feeling when you have an amazing dream and as the minutes slip by it becomes more and more of an illusion and turns to smoke," offered Pimentel.

"It had me thinking about the Tibetan book of the Dead and how in the bardo between this life and your next you are forced to face terrifying challenges but depending on the strength of your will you can see monsters and demons or you can see Angels and love all pushing and pulling you in different directions," she went on. "The key is to remember that what your life is to be from there depends on your own will to decide because you the creator of your universe and that those angels and demons are one and the same. Illusions to trick you to come back and be reborn."

To pre-order the album (it's just $6 and, again, all the money will benefit the Cancer Research Institute), head to Nitesoil's Bandcamp page. Follow the group on Facebook and  Instagram as well and if you'd like to donate additional money to the cancer research cause, head here.

Nitesoil, "Odio" (Featuring Jessica Pimentel)

Nitesoil, Abusement Park EP Artwork + Track Listing

Frank Godla / Nitesoil
Frank Godla / Nitesoil

01. "Odio" - Featuring Jessica Pimentel (Brujeria/Orange Is The New Black)
02. "The Extinction Gene" - Featuring Dave Davidson (Revocation)
03. "Burn Me Down" - Featuring Aaron Heinold (Hivesmasher)
04. "The Abusement Park" - Featuring Trevor Strnad (The Black Dahlia Murder)
05. "Mother of Lust" - Featuring Gost (GOST)
06. "D.S.I.T.S. - Featuring Doug Moore (Pyyrhon)

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