John 5 is kicking off the New Year in rocking fashion. The guitar great and member of Rob Zombie's band has just unleashed a new single and video for "Black Grass Plague."

In the clip, John 5 is backed by the Creatures as they rock inside a star-shaped stage for what essentially serves as a performance piece. As for the song, John 5 nimbly noodles up and down the fret board with furious intensity while drummer Rodger Carter delivers a constant, steady beat.

The track is currently available at iTunes, unattached to any particular album. John 5 did release a disc called Careful With That Axe, but this song is not part of that album.

The video was produced and directed by Jonny Coffin. It's stated in the notes for the video that the clip is dedicated to the memory of Khalil Tiner, one of the crew members on the shoot, who was tragically killed by a drunk driver shortly after filming was completed.