John 5 is a master of the guitar. The Rob Zombie / ex-Marilyn Manson shredder has shown his incredible prowess on his many solo albums, but we wanted to see if he could execute his craft on a $60 Hello Kitty mini guitar.

Like Zakk Wylde and Bumblefoot before him, John 5 took hold of the Hello Kitty axe and proved he could make a cheap guitar sound awesome. After all, it’s all about the player, not the instrument. John 5 really tested the diversity of what the Hello Kitty guitar could handle, starting off with classic banjo picking.

After laying down some banjo and western swing, John 5 expanded to flamenco guitar. Don’t let yourself get too relaxed with his smooth sounds, because he exploded right into flatpicking after that. Not impressed yet? John 5 even started slapping on the damn guitar. Pay your respects, mortals.

After John 5’s tour of guitar styles, he launched into a medley of his favorite riffs, which you can hear at the end of his new live album, It’s Alive! The axe master took a piece of that 10-minute monster and whittled it down to essentials from Van Halen, Iron Maiden, Pantera and many more.

Watch John 5 rock the Hello Kitty beast in 13 different styles above.

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