Metal legends Judas Priest have just released "Panic Attack," the first single off their 2024 album Invincible Shield.

The opening moments of "Panic Attack" will be familiar to fans who heard the brief teaser clip earlier in the week. There's the warmth of Turbo to start and the molten metal quickly starts to flow as Priest defy age with a song that would comfortably fit on an album from 30 or 40 years ago. Rob Halford hits piercing highs, there's frenetic, dueling guitars... everything any Judas Priest fan could ask for.

Listen to "Panic Attack" further down the page.

Invincible Shield was announced at Judas Priest's appearance at last weekend's Power Trip festival, where they opened for AC/DC on the second of the event's three nights. It was the band's first and only performance of 2023 and a historic one at that, as the festival featured Guns N' Roses and Iron Maiden on the first night, with Metallica and Tool performing on the closing night.

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Invincible Shield, Priest's 19th studio album and first since 2018's impressive Firepower, is set for a March 8 release next year. Pre-order your copy here.

Judas Priest, "Panic Attack" Lyrics

via Genius

[Verse 1]
The clamour and the clatter of incensed keys
Can bring a nation to its knees
On the wings of a lethal icon
Bird of prey
It's a sign of the times when bedlam rules
When the masses condone pompous fools
And the scales of justice tip in disarray

Panic attack, panic attack
Panic attack, panic attack

[Verse 2]
Matters of fact fall on deaf ears
While the bitter mobs ramp up their fears
Go creeping round those corridors of power
As the dead heads gladly suffer sins
While the euthanizing then begins
The clock is ticking down to doomsday hour

Panic attack, panic attack
Panic attack, panic attack

Alien nations gleam
Cybertronic schemes
Fibre optic mass hypnotic
Wild neurotic memes
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Cynicism greed is what you're fed
Disconnecting from the world wide web

[Guitar Solos]

[Verse 3]
It don't matter about your choice
'Cause all you've got is an empty voice
And there's no way left to tell what's right from wrong
There's still time left to do what's right
Eliminate those parasites
And force your mind amidst the angry throng

Panic attack, panic attack
Disconnect the system
Panic attack, panic attack
Euthanize the brain
Panic attack, panic attack
Blind synthetic wisdom
Panic attack, panic attack
Digitally criminally insane

[Guitar Solo]
Panic attack, panic attack
Panic attack, panic attack

Judas Priest, "Panic Attack"

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