Last night, 'The Simpsons' paid homage to British heavy metal legends Judas Priest by immortalizing them as animated character's in the show's ever-growing list of guest stars. Priest were given a yellow makeover and featured on 'Steal This Episode' performing a unique version of their hit 'Breaking the Law,' and their brief appearance can be seen above in case you missed it.

While Homer Simpson catches up with the Internet age, he figures out how to illegally download movies through the aid of his son Bart. Homer exploits this by screening films in his backyard, much to the chagrin of the law. The FBI goes after Homer, who seeks asylum at the Swedish embassy. In an effort to get Homer out of the building, the agent decides "there's only one sure-fire way to get fugitives out of a foreign building - blasting death metal!" They flash to Judas Priest, who have been curiously prefaced as being a death metal band. The altered version of the song sees Rob Halford singing "Respecting the law! Respecting the law!"

The best line comes right after when the Swedish embassy guy says, "Swedes love death metal ... it reminds us of death!'

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