At one point it appeared as though Judas Priest's career, at least touring-wise, was winding down, but as has been well documented, the addition of guitarist Richie Faulkner has rejuvenated the band and they have more drive than ever to strike while the iron is hot.

While still out supporting the well-received Redeemer of Souls album, Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford revealed that the band is really motivated to work on their next album sooner than later. Speaking with Sixx Sense co-host Jenn Marino, Halford stated, "We have such an incredible reaction to Redeemer of Souls that that really motivated us to crack the whip and get on with making the next record pretty quickly. The clock is ticking, you know. We can't afford to wait three years, or five years now, to make the record. And especially while we're having this great, kind of vibe with the fans and just this massive Priest family love fest type of deal."

"Who wants to go home and sit down for a year," asks Halford. "And especially while the band is buzzing and the energy's there creatively. We had so much stuff happening in the studio we had to put blocks on because we were on a time schedule with the label. So we do have some stuff kind of left over from Redeemer of Souls."

Halford says that in addition to the left over material, Faulkner has been busy coming up with riffs during the band's touring that they've been saving for when the time arrives to start on new music.

As for that schedule, the singer states, "We'll be heading out for the rest of this tour 'til Christmas time, take a break, and then more than likely in the studio early of 2016 and see how quickly we can turn this around. It won't be a rush job, because we treasure everything we do, but I think that the mindset is there to make this record efficiently and hopefully have it out there for our Priest family as soon as we can."

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