Rap star and potential 2020 Presidential candidate Kanye West unleashed a flurry of tweets overnight on Aug. 14 and into the early hours of Aug. 15. Among them was an image of Nirvana's logo as Yeezy claimed that both the legendary grunge act and Guns N' Roses were both his favorite.

West, who once convinced himself that rap was the devil's music and nearly retired because of it, amid a series of tweets bearing little to no context, posed the question, perhaps not just for himself, but to invite others to name their favorite between the two groups.

In the hours after West tweeted the question and Nirvana logo to his nearly 31 million followers, Nirvana has since become one of the highest trending topics on Twitter, generating thousands of responses.

The rapper's indecision is slightly reminiscent of that one joke by comedian Brian Regan where he recollects playing baseball in his youth for the sole purpose of being rewarded with a snow cone once the game was over. Contemplating his choice of flavor, he vacillated between cherry and grape, concluding that if they don't have grape, he'll just get cherry because they're both his favorite flavors anyway.

For those who picked Guns N' Roses as their favorite, there's something to look forward to as the group announced rescheduled North American tour dates for 2021. GN'R have 13 stops on the books, all of which can be seen here.

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