Giving you news about Kanye West appeals to exactly none of us at Loudwire. Having said that, the fact that Yeezy nearly quit his career because he had convinced himself that rap was the devil's music is pretty hilarious.

This information was relayed by Kanye's pastor, Adam Tyson, who was a guest on the Apologia Studios podcast. He explained that the rapper began visiting the Placerita Bible Church in Newhall, California, in mid-May, prior to becoming a born-against Christian over the summer as he sought to unburden himself of the sins of pursuing fame in the music industry.

Tyson later recollected how Kanye spoke with him about potentially giving up rap. "One time, he told me that he wasn't going to rap. I said, 'Why not?' He said, 'That's the devil's music.' I said, 'Hey, man. Rap is a genre. You can rap for God,'" the pastor advised (transcription via XXL).

"I think he was already thinking about it a little bit," Tyson continued, "but I definitely said, 'Hey, bro. I think you need to use your talents that God's given you and use that platform for God.'"

We'll admit it — heavy music has lost a lot of ground to rap. It's not quite viewed as the pinnacle of rebellion anymore and the stereotypical "rock star" life and attitude is pervasive in rap and hip-hop. Rap wins all the awards, rap artists get into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame before every single metal band (save for Black Sabbath and Metallica). But the devil's music? You're not taking that from us, Kanye, not even if it meant you'd quit rapping.

If you care, Kanye West's new album, Jesus Is King, drops Oct. 25.

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