You may have noticed a trend going on where mainstream celebrities are wearing metal band shirts as a fashion statement. Kanye West was recently spotted on the town wearing a Testament tee and this resulted in Alex Skolnick offering one of the most hysterical responses ever.

Over the years we’ve seen Justin Bieber wear Metallica merch, Miley Cyrus wear Iron Maiden swag, Chris Brown don a spiked jacket covered with thrash and hardcore band logos. Rihanna and Kanye West have even revealed official logos for themselves inspired by metal acts. It’s flattering in a way, but metal musicians and fans alike tend to get pissed off that their passion is being used for strictly materialistic purposes.

Once Alex Skolnick saw the photo of Kanye in a Testament shirt, Alex shared some hilarious thoughts with his friends on Facebook, later copying the text to his official fan page for the public to see:

Oh no he didn't! Wait, yes he did...Goodness gracious. This whole decrepit clan must have picked up a pile of old concert t-shirts (the same pile Kourtney K's Slayer shirt came from) which have somehow become a "thing" in trendy fashion (who'd have thought?!!). Inconceivable that any of these pop culture vultures know who the heck any of the bands are. My guess is he thinks it's a religious group (not the 1st time that's happened) That is, if he thinks at all, which lately, seems unlikely. And I thought this time period couldn't get any weirder...

After Skolnick’s comments were picked up by various sources, the Testament shredder elaborated in a public post:

You’ve gotta love Skolnick’s dissection of the Kardashian family there!!! Well done, Alex. Testament’s latest album, The Brotherhood of the Snake, is now available wherever really good music is sold.

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