In late 2017, Katatonia announced a short-term hiatus as they took time to evaluate the band's future. Now that they've sorted all that out, they're back with a new album, City Burials, and a brand new song, "Lacquer," which can be heard below.

This record marks the first for the melancholic Swedish outfit since 2016's Fall of Hearts, and finds them more stripped back than ever on the electronic beat-backed single, which offers a fairly barren foundation upon which singer Jonas Renkse's hauntingly beautiful voice rests.

Guitarist Anders Nyström poetically commented, "In days and nights of black and silver, the dead end king will come. From pieces of broken mirrors there will be a crown bestowed upon his head. In reflections of shattered glass not only the seasons will turn, but also the change disguised by the lapse of time. His mind will have to come to bear the weight of everything that was left behind and forgotten. Archiving the inaccessible. Celebrating the abandoned and mourning the destroyed. The city burials."

City Burials, which consists of 11 songs, will be released on April 24 through Peaceville Records. View the album art and track listing further down the page and look for pre-orders to be made available starting tomorrow (Jan. 31).

Welcome back, Katatonia!

Katatonia, "Lacquer"

Katatonia, City Burials Album Art + Track Listing

Peaceville Records

01. "Heart Set to Divide"
02. "Behind the Blood"
03. "Lacquer"
04. "Rein"
05. "The Winter of Our Passing"
06. "Vanishers"
07. "City Glaciers"
08. "Flicker"
09. "Lachesis"
10. "Neon Epitaph"
11. "Untrodden"

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