Katy Perry just shared an interesting chapter of her life during her younger years in the church. During a new interview with Vogue, Perry revealed she used to protest Marilyn Manson shows with her family’s flock, handing out pamphlets titled How to Find God.

Katy Perry’s religious upbringing is well known to her fans, having been brought up as a preacher’s daughter. She wasn’t even allowed to interact with gay people due to her family’s strong faith. She didn’t learn much about non-religious music growing up, only hearing “about Madonna and Marilyn Manson in my family because we picketed their concerts,” Perry says.

Strangely enough, Perry and her pastor actually watched Marilyn Manson perform live after protesting one of his shows. Surprisingly, she found Manson’s show “really interesting and weird -- I got it.”

Despite her family shunning gay people, Katy had a life-changing experience at age 15 when she started listening to Queen. “I had never heard such an imaginative explanation of how to live,” Perry remembers. “That was my first perspective on that world, and I just loved it. I felt so free and accepted.”

P.O.D. fans may remember a pre-famous Katy Perry appearing on the song “Goodbye for Now” in 2006. “You could tell she came from a good family,” said frontman Sonny Sandoval. “[She] just wanted to show the Jesus tattoo on her wrist, and she was like, ‘I think I saw you guys in a youth rally so many years ago.’ I’m like, ‘That’s so cool.’ But here she was in Hollywood trying to do her thing and make her career.”

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