We've seen pop stars in metal shirts before, but this is probably a first. Pop singer Kesha recently turned 34, and in a post thanking her fans for their birthday wishes, she sported a Voivod shirt underneath a black jacket.

The brief video clip simply shows the vocalist turning her shoulder and smiling at the camera without saying a word. "Animals I love you thank you so much for all the birthday messages! I miss you," she wrote in the caption.

Check out the clip below.

Now before you all get out your pitchforks and start rioting, Voivod are not Metallica. They are not AC/DC or the Rolling Stones or even Slayer, which are all popular logos we often see on shirts that people wear.

In 2011, just two years after her breakthrough, Kesha deemed herself a "metal-loving rock chick" who always had a rebellious side and loved rock 'n' roll. Plus, she was influenced greatly by classic rock and punk artists. One example? Iggy Pop.

"Whenever I think about my career or accomplishments or goals or life, I’m always comforted thinking about Iggy Pop," she told Billboard in 2020. "I’ve seen all the crazy things he’s done in his life and the sonic evolution and the sound he invented just by being himself and embracing the fact that he was a real wild child. He had the same nihilist ideas and outlook on life that I do, but he’s also the godfather of punk."

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