This is truly inspiring. In this YouTube clip, a kid in an Indian village absolutely pummels his homemade drum kit.

The construction of this thing is already impressive. The frame of the kit looks to be made of pipes, while the drums and cymbals themselves are fashioned from pans and plastic items. Over by where the hi-hat would be, this kid equipped an empty bottle what could be motor oil to one pipe, which also holds up four soup cans used as crude toms. Two bigger cans act as double floor toms while the kid sits on a square wooden table as his throne.

The most impressive piece of engineering here is definitely the kick. It's hard to tell exactly how, but a pedal has been fashioned not only to hit the kick drum, but to bounce back after the fact.

Let's talk about technique for a moment. Any kid can wail on some pots and pans, but this dude is a drummer. Much like Mastodon's Brann Dailor, this drummer utilizes every little piece of his kit whenever possible while maintaining a flawless rhythm.

There's so much to be impressed by here, so we'll just let you watch for yourself.

Thanks to MaximusRockFM/WEB for the tip!

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